Changing lives: India’s leading transformational speakers

Motivational speakers provide inspiration, motivation and have the ability to add new energy to bring changes in people’s life. They have been popular and known to increase happiness, leadership, and performance in people. However, sometimes, we all start feeling like something within us is not making us win.

Something within us needs a PUSH to move forward and move ahead in life. Being motivated by someone is natural if you are listening to a speaker, but being inspired by them is YOUR own choice. To motivate you, we are presenting you with the best motivational speakers in India. These are the people who faced life with courage in their hearts and are now encouraging others to do the same.

Gautam Khetrapal – Gautam Khetrapal, an entrepreneur, trainer, transformational speaker and founder of “LifePlugin”. is an organization with a mission to create the “Disneyland of Learning and Education” and turn our personal growth into a lifelong adventure. They believe that learning needs to be intrinsically motivating & fun in order to inspire people to create a successful and meaningful life for themselves. As an international speaker, he has held lectures and talks at stages all over the world, including places like Mindvalley, UNESCO, TEDx, Microsoft, BNI, INK and IIT. 

Yogesh Chabria – The founder of Happionaire way, Yogesh Chabria is an author, speaker and a life strategist. His childhood wasn’t a fairy tale but he never ceased to choose harder paths & came out as a successful Man. During his teenage years, when most teens were busy with games or studies, he used to sell items door to door. He is one of the most influential speakers and has authored bestselling books like Succeed the Happionaire way, Invest the Happionaire way.

Ankur Warikoo – Ankur Warikoo is the CEO and co-founder of – India’s No.1 discovery and transaction platform. Ankur’s remarkable journey has won him numerous accolades for his spirited entrepreneurship and passion. From an aspiring physicist and astronaut to life as a management consultant, and then a serial entrepreneur. He is an active inspirational speaker and makes time to speak to an audience at least once every week.

Priya Kumar – The only woman on the list, Priya Kumar is a dynamic speaker with an entertaining style of delivering a speech. She started her career as a tuition teacher and gradually under the guidance of her mentor Dr. Niranjan Patel became a motivational speaker. With a unique speaking style, she is famous for her interactive sessions and speaks at various seminars, conferences, and events worldwide.

Ujjwal Chugh – Living life as an ordinary person is easy, but for achieving success, one needs to unleash their extraordinary self. An educator and motivator – Ujjwal Chugh is determined to enlighten the youth on how to invoke their less ordinary dimension. Founder and CEO of the ISOLS group, he is the voice behind many successful youths. With his inspiring words and thoughts, he touches an individual’s heart and mind and directs them towards success. 

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