Building future: Tulsi Lakshmi

Tulsi Lakshmi, the hydro power engineer, from Delhi shares with Nitika Bajpayee, how life can take a positive turn if planned well…

Born and raised in Visakhapatnam, Tulsi may look like a girl-next-door, but, the moment you talk to her, the astute professional in her will astonish you with the most exhilarating knowledge. Working as the Engineering Manager – Hydel at the L&T Constructions, Tulsi believes the new-age women professionals are balanced and strong in their approach. “The young women are endowed with so much energy and efficiency today that nothing seems impossible for them. Be it climbing up the career ladder or looking after their homes, women today excel the art of switching modes – work to personal – within minutes. This is a quality which highlights the fact that women are way stronger than before,” shares Tulsi.

Professional women achievers, sometimes, find it hard to strike the right balance between their work life and personal space. According to Tulsi, one should not get bothered even if you feel the heat of the struggle. “Sometimes, getting surrounded by the struggle makes it all the more essential for us to think, believe and deal with a said situation. And once you accept it, you start working towards it. How we deal with the struggle matters – positively or negatively – it’s in your hands ONLY,” shares the beautiful lady, just like her namesake.

The corporate is a web of challenges where work pressures burgeon every now and then. Tulsi believes one must indulge in activities that help you stay calm and composed. “Work pressure and stress are part and parcel for any working professional, especially women. I have discovered that controlled or mindful breathing has helped me stay calm in the most stressful situations. I simply love watching thriller movies, it helps me relax. Hanging in with my crazy friends adds magical value to my life.”

As a dreamer and an avid thinker, Tulsi thinks the key to moving forward in life is to plan your life journey. This Women’s Day, Tulsi has a message for all the women reading this article, “We must make ourselves strong enough that even if someone wishes to pull you down, you remain unaffected by their course of action. Live without any fear and tread ahead in life on your own terms,” Tulsi signs off…

Words of wisdom for women

  1. Be a dreamer
  2. Live a fearless life
  3. Do not, no matter what, neglect your health
  4. Go for serene walks
  5. Spend time with yourself

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