‘Shape it up’: Do you dress as per your body shape?

Are you in love with the shape you are in? Well, if you are then go on and read this up, and if detest the shape you are in, then umm! please go and get that confidence boost! This season, we bring to you some fashion ideas, which you can adopt as per your body shape, and kill it with pride and pizzazz…

Take note all you men and women, by just making the correct choices, you could actually up your style game. Choosing your wardrobe essentials as per your body type can actually help you flaunt your sexy figure, irrespective of the complexities. Flaunt what you got baby!

Plus Sized?? Highlight your curves:

Hey ladies, now is the time to own your voluptuousness, and you could do that by highlighting your curves instead of trying to hide them under layers that do nothing for them. Go for high-waist, belted silhouettes that accentuate your waist – belted dresses, jackets, wide-legged pants, culottes, high-waist flare skirts…there’s a whole range of options that would work wonders – take your pick! That old skater dress lying in the back shelf? Pair it with a contrasting belt. Fit-and-flare it, and watch it flatter your beautiful form like never before.

Compliment those edges:

Howdy you men, worried about your look? Fret not! Whether you are the lean one or a squishy teddy bear with all the extra pounds, the right colours and print can absolutely work wonders for you to show off what you got! If you If you want to flatter a lean frame, slim-fit solid colour basics work like a dream, as do clean geometric patterns. If your edges are on the softer side, steer away from statement belts and opt for darker shades in solid colours. Play with graphic prints and textures, but stay far, far away from horizontal stripes.

Flatter those curves:

Want to create the illusion of curves, ladies? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Sweetheart necklines are the easiest way to begin – they’ll soften the lines of your upper body and let you look classy and fun at the same time. Side cut-out dresses also do the job well, giving you a pretty little hourglass with a whole lot of sass. You could get a similar effect with a cool colour block top that has side panels tapering in towards your tummy. Horizontal colour look classy and fun at the same time. Side cut-out dresses also do the job well, giving you a pretty little hourglass with a whole lot of sass. You could get a similar effect with a cool colour block top that has side panels tapering in towards your tummy. Horizontal colour blocks work great too – choose something that uses a darker colourfor your waist and a lighter colour for your chest, and you’re good to go.

Going bold and beyond

Guys with a square frame, horizontal pinstripes for the upper body are good for you – get more of them striped tees! They’ll give your shoulders some structure and width. Go for bolder, brighter colours up top and jackets and blazers with wider lapels. Avoid straight cuts above and below and go for skinnier pants.

Jazzing up your look:

Printed or embellished tops are a fantastic way to highlight your upper body. Be playful and fun with the prints you choose and pair them with solid lowers so that they can speak for themselves.

Flaunt your neckline

To see which works best for your frame – V-necks, narrow the upper torso while round and boat necks widen it. Go for what suits you best and have fun accessorizing with statement earrings

Layer up

Gentlemen, add structure to your wardrobe with shirts and jackets that lengthen your torso, giving you a leaner edge and taller frame. Make friends with vertical stripes for this – they’ll give your look exactly what it needs. Layering can be your next go-to mantra to make your shoulders stand out – throw on that scarf and make it work! Go for a structured jacket or blazer and cut a dapper figure at that next evening do. The world is literally your oyster.

Lower it up

Who said prints can’t work on lowers? Grab those funked up denims and hit the road with a solid top that takes no attention away from them, ladies. Highlighting the lower half of your body is all about choosing the right cuts, colours and prints. Flared trousers in bold colours work just as well as skinny-fits that let you show off those legs, and don’t forget to pick the right shoes that let you strut your stuff in style!

Graphic Nuances

Hey you men! You are the metrosexual, hence do not be, at any cost, be afraid of adding some pomp to your look. Go for graphic prints on those pants you’ve been hesitating to buy. Cool, not-just-blue-black-and-grey trousers are very in this season, and if you’re aiming to accentuate your lower body, the more playful the pair, the better. If you have muscular legs, straight-cut or tapered lowers work best, but you can try out chinos too –they can be very flattering if worn right. Pair them with a comfy shirt that doesn’t hug your frame, and that’s all you need for a casual day out. Experiment with cool looking sock as well, and you never know your lady might just love those kinky feet.

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