Because there’s no Planet B: Sarika Mishra

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Sharing some inspirational words from her journey as a woman entrepreneur, Sarika Mishra, Co-Founder, Urvika stresses on why we need to adopt a sustainable way of living… an exclusive interview…

Change is the only constant; we all know that! And a massive change is taking place in our lives – at our breakfast tables, in our kitchens and is transforming our existence. Today’s generation has no qualms in sauntering back to its roots, and in return has become more receptive to the new age challenges the ‘change’ brings in. The scare of getting exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides is leading modern Indians towards an organic diet. These behavioural changes along with the convenience offers the health-conscious generation with elaborate nutritional options to choose from. But the foods which you think are making you healthier, may still have the possibilities of toxic content in it.  

Sarika Mishra, along with her partner Urvashi Bharadwaj, aims to build a sustainable ecosystem through her well-crafted products that serve as healthier alternatives to the refined or the chemically processed foods. The co-founder of Urvika, Sarika is an ex-banker from London, who brings with her the extensive and productive business experience. Talking about the behavioural changes in the Indian consumer who is ready to embrace the sustainable model of living, Sarika shares her insights, “We do not have Planet B, it is only earth that we have. This belief led me towards introducing chemical free and organic food for our society at large. At the same time, it was also about creating a sustainable way and bringing in a paradigm shift in the way we feed our bodies by going back to roots and ancient Indian practices.”

Founded in 2019, brand Urvika provides a line of chemical-free, organic, and holistic food products that come bundled with the goodness of Ayurveda. Urvika sells a wide range of food items such as organic cold pressed cooking oils, natural desi cow ghee, organic pulses and lentils, sharbati atta, multigrain attas, hand pounded rice, spices and condiments, sweeteners like jaggery cubes, coconut sugar and raw sugar.  

Sarika has been conferred with the ‘Green Entrepreneur of the Year’ award for her valuable contribution towards the community. She believes, going organic or natural gives a boost to our farmers and helps the community in making healthier choices. With an innovative, vibrant, appetising and distinctly visible packaging, Urvika is sure to tantalise your taste buds and take care of all your daily organic kitchen needs, says Sarika.

Managing a full-fledged business is a tedious task, but Sarika is a prolific at that. Sharing nuggets from her action-packed business life, Sarika shares, “A start-up in a nascent stage and two young children keep my itinerary packed and my hands full. There are times when a long to-do-list stresses me out and I get hyper as well. Trying to juggle so many balls at one go is not an easy feat. From managing the marketing to finance to the HR, to operations, my work keeps me on my toes, while on the home front, it’s about managing my children – their online schooling, homework and sorts – keeps me tediously occupied.” Sarika believes taking one step at a time with a calm mind may work wonders for women who manage their homes along with their work.

“I always plan my day ahead and begin a normal work day by creating a ‘to-do-task-list’, which keeps getting lighter as the tasks near completion. I firmly believe if you actively plan your day, it can actually help you sail through your tasks calmly and you can be at your efficient best,” affirms Sarika.

An MBA in finance by education and a banker by profession who has worked with MNCs globally from India to UK, Sarika found her calling in the world of organic nutrition. She was at the peak of her glorious career as a banker when she took a sabbatical of five years as she embraced motherhood. Throwing light on this shift from a banker to an entrepreneur, Sarika shares, “I was working in London, and during that period, I was not sure what will be by next venture. After five years, I did join a multi-national bank in Gurugram, but that didn’t give me the kind of satisfaction I was looking for. I was torn between finding enough time for my family and rebuilding my career from scratch after the sabbatical. Three months’ time was enough for me to realise that my life calling is different to what I was doing. I started introspecting on my options that would give me peace and happiness. Urvika, hence, was born in my mind and as luck would have it, I met Urvashi, my business partner and the co-founder of the brand. Both of us had the same vision – to build a healthy living brand that optimistically contributes towards the society. Both of us worked hard to turn our vision into reality, and thankfully there’s no looking back.”

Having her plate full of opportunities, Sarika shares the story of an extraordinary life a woman leads, “It’s the mindset of the Indian society, which makes a woman a multi-asker. Though we have come really far, but still it is the woman who is expected to run the household as well as manage her professional goals at the same time. I definitely believe that time management is the most essential ingredient for a successful and balanced approach. One needs to prioritise, plan and execute actions in pursuit of these goals. So, penning down your short-term and long-term goals will bring in the much-needed aspiration and you will be able to chase your goals as per the timelines. This will also bring in the clarity of vision and will help you fragment the necessary efforts to achieve those goals.”

Through her brand, Sarika has joined hands farmers and individuals who are trying to bring about a positive change in society. She is passionate about working out in the gym and doing yoga; and she ardently believes ancient techniques of Ayurveda works wonders in healing the mind as well as the body. “I simply love working out in the gym and yoga, dancing and going for brisk walks. I enjoy listening to radio and adore spending quality time with my kids. Any of these activities just takes away my stress and fills me with new energy,” she recommends sharing a special message for the readers of Confluence, “ I feel one must always remember journey is equally important, not only the destination. Happy Women’s Month to all fellow women around the globe,” she signs off…

Words of Wisdom:

  • One must never give up on purpose in life
  • Do what gives you peace and pleasure.
  • The journey might be hard and bumpy, but with perseverance you will reach your destination.

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