World Environment Day: Together we can and we must!

With so much misery and pain all around, the world is staring at a bleak future. Let’s take a moment to analyse how the Covid 19 pandemic has brought about ecological awakening among the tech-savvy generation of the new-age India. Let’s aim at giving up certain things that will help the planet breathe easy and flourish in the process. We bring to you 10 young professional women, who believe it is mandatory for us to focus on our environment, not just as an abstract concept but as an immediate resort to save the planet Earth… Read on

1. Nimisha Tewari, Co-founder, Clumsy Designs, Ahmedabad:

Earth is the only planet we have, and if we the inhabitants won’t look after it, who else will. Through our ever-inquiring minds and technological advances we can create a planet that is fresh and lively. If through our baby steps, we can achieve our goal, what’s better. For the same, I pledge to switch to shampoo soap bars, which come with no plastic packaging and comparatively have more natural ingredients. With an aim to pick one product at a time, I wish to replace the plastic and non-biodegradable products I use frequently. Next, I am also mustering up the courage to try menstrual cup and ditch sanitary napkins totally.

Raksha Verma, General Counsel,
Accenture Services, New Delhi:

Let us work together to make Earth a better place. On the occasion of World Environment Day, I pledge to quit the consumption and the use of artificial eatables and processed foods. In my opinion, the community grows and prospers through farming and there’s a dire need to maintain communal harmony as it is a step towards mending all the boundaries. We need qualitative methods in making sure our planet stays healthy and happy.

Sanya Sachdeva, Primary Teacher,
New Delhi:

We must not forget that we have to hand over this beautiful planet to our younger generation, hence for their betterment, we have to ensure the Earth we handover is healthier than before, breathes well and is not parched in any way. It is our contribution essentially, which helps in bringing about awareness and sensitizing people towards the preservation of the ecology. Our tiny steps could ensure the same. I, along with my family, have decided to quit the use of plastic bottles and replace them with their glass counterparts.

Roli Tiwari, Food Stylist, Ahmedabad:

Claiming to be highly absorbent and safe to use, most of conventional disposable sanitary pads are 90 per cent plastic. Yes, you read it right, 90 per cent plastic! And what are the benefits of having plastic so close to our sensitive skin, for as long as 120 hours? Don’t we know how detrimental plastic can be for our skins as well as for the environment… To do my bit for the ecosystem, I have switched to menstrual cup. I no longer use plastic bags for buying groceries and vegetables. In fact, me and my family now use bamboo toothbrushes and they are way better than the plastic ones. I urge women to take steps in ensuring their ‘home’ is built on a sustainable foundation.

Gunjan Mishra, CEO, Brain Gurukul, Noida:

We need to expand our horizon and start doing our bit from the very basic. To climb up the ladder, we need to take the first step first. So many schools are aiming at generating awareness among students on the critical environmental the world is facing these days. But, instead of spending so much time on spreading awareness, why are we not take the appropriate action on the environmental issues. I have taken a conscious call to not invest in new clothes for every occasion, instead I now repeat my clothes. I don’t feel any disgrace or embarrassment in doing so, I urge the gen next to also follow the suit.

Archana Ranjith, HR Manager, Bengaluru:

I validate the quote which goes like this, “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.” So, ideally, our bodies and the planet are the two places where we thrive. To live a healthy life, I urge people to quit their sedentary lifestyles and work on themselves. Once your road to health is sorted, you will give more importance to the health of the planet. Healthy people make planet healthy, after all.

Madhulika Tiwari, Primary Teacher, New Delhi

We all know there’s no place like earth, it’s the magnificent God given water tank, which absorbs water, filters it and again sends back to us through various channels. We tampered with this procedure and have been robbing the beautiful blue planet of all its water. Do we have a back up plan as to when we go waterless? To make sure, our next generation doesn’t face the water woes, I pledge to conserve water everyday. I will use it wisely and fore mostly save it as much as I can. When there is water scarcity, we still manage right? So, we need to train our brains accordingly so that we use water in a way that it reaches everyone without a single drop going waste.

Shivani Tewari, Primary Teacher, Jaipur:

Protection of environment should be the first thing on our minds. The Covid 19 pandemic has shown us that if we do not take care of our planet, we will very soon be in deep trouble. We are inextricably bound with our daily lives and its struggles. As we tread ahead, we must definitely aim at giving up things that may make us fall sick. And refined sugar is definitely one thing which I urge everyone to quit. Make your health a priority, make sure you eat and drink clean and respect the laws of the nature. We also have to respect the Corona Warriors who without budging are serving the society. When we will be empathetic and sensitive towards the needs of all living beings, our planet will smile happily.

Akanksha Mishra, Co-founder, Bamboology Trends, Noida:

With the ongoing massive destruction of the environment, fashion has taken a large kick after people have started talking about fast fashion. With the increase in awareness, people have started talking about alternatives. The recent invention is bamboo clothing, which has taken up a storm in the sustainable lifestyle environment. I will do my bit for my planet by pledging to stop buying garments made out of polyester as I am very well aware of its impact on the environment. You will be surprised to know that not only in its manufacturing, but when we discard it any garment made of even 5 per cent of polyester, it takes more than 200 years to decompose. Can we really afford that? I leave it to you to answer that…

Daisy Kumar, Senior Teacher, New Delhi:

Save energy, Save environment’, that should be our mantra going forward, because all we have is one earth, there is absolutely no planet B where we can thrive. It is essential to opt to cut back on the level of energy that you use, as it could help in conserving the natural resources that are getting depleted with time. One should not feel ashamed or embarrassed in switching off lights or turning off the AC when it is not required. We have to pay close attention to conserving our fossil fuels, once they go scarce, we will be in deep trouble.

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