Get pregnant in no time: Tips and Tricks

Children are a blessing for they make the life worth living. Life takes a positive turn as you embrace motherhood. But, at times, the process knowing your fertile dates, having sex accordingly can be a tiresome experience. In fact, many women reported that sex wasn’t that enjoyable when they were planning their baby. Here are some tips to make the process quicker. Some tips and tricks to know the unknown never hurt. So, on the cusp of Mother’s Day, we bring to you some easy tips that will help you conceive faster than expected. Read on –

  • Passion between the sheets: If your sex life is a tad mechanical or demanding on the other hand, it can lead to decreased testosterone levels in your man. So, look for passion because steamy sex will not only make you feel good and energized, but will also increase his libido. Till you are in the phase of planning a baby, keep off the oral sex because the digestive enzymes present in the saliva can damage the sperms, leading it to further delay in conception.
  • Relax your mind: If you are among those women who fret over their ovulation cycle and keep wondering when is the best time in a month to get pregnant, then you need to just relax! Worry and stress will only work in opposite direction. Just keep focusing on having sex constantly and if your partner’s sperm is good, it will last for three to five days inside you. So, this way there will be a constant supply of sperms even when you are ready to ovulate.
  • Take a break: Stress hormones can severely interfere with your fertility hormones. A vacation is the perfect time to plan a baby. Also, the more time you spend outdoors, the more Vitamin D you will soak in from the sunshine, which will not only boost your fertility levels but will also keep your body in best of health to embrace motherhood.
  • Refresh your lifestyle: Did you know toxicities in your body can majorly decrease your fertility levels. So, you better chuck that cigarette off and throw away those bottles of beers. Go out, get some sun and exercise. Even a brisk walk would do you good. Build up your antioxidants to fire up your fertility.
  • Nutritive talks: What goes inside you before pregnancy is equally important as what you eat during pregnancy. Your baby thrives on the stores of nutrition already present in your body. So, it’s time you start taking supplements of iron, folic acid and omega 3 fatty acids. Keep junk food at bay and indulge in eating healthy fats such as lean chicken and fish. There are so many superfoods, which will give your palate a refreshing change if you get bored of eating similar types of foods daily.
  • Weather: Warm weather is conducive for women who are trying to conceive. Summer months are the perfect time to try for a baby. So, make the most of the quarantine summer and all the very best!

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