Gaudi goes live at Sulafest 2013

Gaudi goes live at Sulafest 2013

For Daniele Gaudi, the musician par excellence, music is a higher form of expression that represents freedom for an artist. In an exclusive interview, Gaudi pours his heart out and shares his love for electronica, fusion and reggae music
What attracts you towards the music?
For me it is the higher form of expression that represents freedom for an artist.

What kind of Indian music do you enjoy the most?
Hindustani music and Qawwali. My album “Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Dub Qawwali” is an innovative combination of traditional Qawwali music and pure Jamaican reggae.

Now that you have performed at Sulafest in Nashik, do you also plan to explore the music of India?
This is my first tour in India and will be playing my music in front of so many people at the Sulafest 2013 with Indubious. After many years of receiving amazing feedback from Indian people about my music, I finally can introduce my live show of electronic music, reggae and ethnodub, playing Moog synthesizers, Theremin, percussion and vocoder. In most of my 12 solo albums up to date I have collaborated with several Indian singers and musicians such as Swati Natekar, Kiren Shambhi, Sonal Varsani, Sali Siva, Pathaan, Karunesh, and I also remixed Trilok Gurtu, Giant Leap and Asha Bhosle; I have always been fascinated by Indian music.

What kind of Indian music is your personal favourite? Any favourite artists?
I like classical instrumentation combined with electronic music, my favorite modern Indian composer is A.R. Rahman.

Do you also plan to make music for the very vibrant Indian film industry?
I have already been part of the soundtracks for two Indian movies: my song “Sufani” from my 2004 album “BASS, SWEAT & TEARS”, was chosen as soundtrack for the successful Bollywood movies “Rog” by Pooja Bhatt and “Fareb” by Deepak Tijori; but yes I am planning to work more in the Indian movie industry.

Do you also follow Bollywood music? If yes, which music composer do you appreciate?
I personally like the elegance on the compositions of Khayyam, the depth of Vasant Desai, and the innovative approach of A.R. Rahman.

What kind of world music do you personally like?
Reggae and Eastern music.

Apart from music, what are your other hobbies and liking?
My favorite hobby as soon as I have some free time is flying on my air-balloon, I collect vintage air-balloons, I have four of them so far!

After India, which country do you wish to visit and explore?
After India, my tour will continue touching the UK, Italy, Costa Rica, Israel, South Africa, Japan, Australia, Greece, USA, Canada.

Do you live out of your suitcase? What are the 5 must carry items in your suitcase?
Phone, computer, my sub-woofer speaker, toothbrush, clothes.

What inspires you to compose and experiment with music, instruments and voices?
I generally feel inspired to compose new music, in the most “uninspiring” situations or unpredictable moments; this is something that inspires me the most. I am inspired by the unpredictability of any form of art.

Your favourite holiday destination?
Barbuda Island in the Caribbean sea. I was there in 2007 for my honeymoon and since then I desire to go back.

If you were to take one person out for dinner, who would he/she be? And where?
Frankly, considering the amount of time I spend far from home, touring or traveling for my music, the person that I would take out for dinner is surely my wife! The location is irrelevant at this stage, it depends what kind of cuisine we want to eat that day.

Do you have a music associated with the destination of your choice?
Reggae music, Jamaica

How does a destination and music define each other?
Most of the time every type of music is in perfect symbiosis with the land where it’s born.

Five music albums you would want every music lover to listen and follow?
“Legend” by Bob Marley, “The dark side of the moon” by Pink Floyd, “Revolver” by The Beatles, “Hatful of hollow” by The Smiths, “Bass, Sweat & Tears” by Gaudi.

Do you like Indian cuisine? If yes, what’s your favourite Indian dish?
I love Indian cuisine, my favourite dishes are: Chole Bhature, Chicken Vindaloo, Panipuri Chaats, Palak Paneer, and finish with a refreshing glass of Mango Lassi.

You will be performing live at the Sula vineyards! Do you prefer wine over other poisons? What’s your favourite wine variety?
I like Italian wine, “Montepulciano D’Abruzzo” and “Merlot”


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